Sound of Sioux Technologies

Sioux Technologies is one of those companies that are truly pioneers. They create amazing innovative technology and also believe in the Power of Music!
Sioux brings high-tech to life

The future of operations in hospitals?

On the Beat of the Drum

Music really belongs in the identity of this organisation and like true pioneers they understand this is a power to be reckoned with.

Sioux Tech’s musical DNA turned out to be a mix of epic rock guitars, booming drums and emotional vocals. Check it out here:

Sioux really brings high tech to life!

Recruitment Film

Finding new staff with music!

Sioux are constantly looking for new talent. Finding these unique, technical people is sometimes hard. That’s why they use music to connect, to find, to bind, to come together..

Music communicates who you are, what you stand for.. So in ‘Music First’ style we composed another track especially for this purpose; recruiting talents.

Start with music, get inspired, then make a film.. and get your message across