Randstad 8D Audio Poem

Proud!! In september 2020 we connected 38,000 people with our 8d Audio Poem… in 12 languages!!!
A great and unique way for communicating ‘who your are’ and ‘what you stand for!

Our CMO got creative during Covid19, seeing the need for more creativity and art in the world of business and events. Erwin: “Online events are often boring but don’t have to be! People always want to be amazed and learn. Businesses want to show who they are…

So, Erwin started to write a poem… based on Randstad’s DNA

Then he added unique and fitting music to give these words emotion

And finally he added 8D sounds and sound FX

And a new creative tool was born:

The 8D Audio Poem

Randstad is the world’s biggest multinational human resource consulting firm with over 38,000 of staff. The headquarters is still based in the Netherlands and this year they’re celebrating their 60th birthday!

They loved our idea and used the 8d Audio Poem as a unique invitation for this huge online event/celebration. An event for 38,000 people in 12 languages!!!

After finishing the english version the poem was translated into 11 other languages including Japanese, Chinese, Tjech, Italian and French. Thanks to Oval Office for the trust and collaboration.

Listen with headphones!!

Here’s the words…

Randstad, Above & Beyond

It all started in the last century, in 1960
And what a great year it was

Chubby Checker started the twist and got a hit
And high up in space
NASA started new communication ways
ECHO, Echo, echo the first communication satellite launch
got worldwide praise..

But somewhere down below, in a small street in a city well known
Frits got on his bike, and oh man, that became quite a ride
First Amsterdam and then the world
and ‘work’ has never been the same
Randstad, his company’s name, now forever in the Hall of Fame
A 60 year journey, a story of people, a tale really true
Randstad is Randstad
because of you.

Fast forward to 2020
And now a solid number one in the industry
With colleagues from all around the world
We can say it out loud: You make us proud!

You touch the worklives of many
That’s why we all will celebrate at a special date
On Sept 29th Randstad we will meet virtually, and-it-will-be-legendary!
So all respond and make it true

we are here to celebrate
that Randstad is Randstad
because of you.

You’ll learn, leap, listen and laugh
You’ll be wowed by this show full of surprises
Unique like yourself, so shout it out loud when the moment arises
That Edmund and Jane will be your guide

To the past and back again, we’ll broadcast worldwide
Let’s see what the future beholds and what new stories be told
Hopping across continents, from America to Australia and from Europe into Asia
So make sure your agenda is blocked
Get your drinks ready and your popcorn popped’,
‘cause the 29th we all will share a bond
with the legendary show; Above & Beyond

We’re here to celebrate
that Randstad is Randstad
because of you

Stay tuned…


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September 29, 2020

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