For the launch of the new Opel Mokka we did something new and fresh. For Opel this car means a whole new market, an new style and a new audience with an automobile that’s not your ordinary Opel….

An 8D song esp. written for this car and its drivers!

For this video you need a password:musicFirst

We started writing a poem about the people that would want to buy this unique car. And then picking the best parts from these poetic words, we made a song…. Here are the lyrics:

I don’t play a role,
I don’t have to be like you
‘Cause what’s the use of fitting in?
To be the same?
Or share the fame?
I’ll ink my skin!
To proof what I stand for,
I’m unrelenting, I’m hardcore
Tell me; Are you Mokka enough?

I’ll take a chance,
and travel far
I’ll take a ride, let’s take a ride
in my getaway car
extraordinary and unconventional, for all to see
never a copy, I’m only me,
Tell me; Are you Mokka enough?

We change today, to this I vow
Be you, be me
Let’s make new rules and start right now
Me, me, me, me
Tell me; Are you Mokka enough?

words&music Erwin Steijlen

Here’s the video of the launch:


We then asked the ever great and talented Sofia Dragt to sing. In pure ‘Music First’ style we turned the process around… We first finished the song and afterwards the video was made! This song has turned out great and really touches people with its words and music.

The film version without 8D fx password: Musicfirst

Many thanks to “Louder” for their trust and this collaboration.