Motion Experience

A great experience that you really need to see and visit

You can find this beautiful ‘experience museum’ in the centre of Eindhoven, the City of Lights in the Netherlands.

Motion is a magical and immersive experience that goes beyond your imagination!

3 talented light and 3D artists were asked to do their ‘thing’ and Erwin Steijlen was asked to write the music for this happening.

We don’t want to reveal too much but we can show you a small part of ‘Nature’, one of the 3 shows playing at Motion Experience.

“Motion offers a unique lighting experience for people of all ages. Surrender to this new form of art and enjoy a captivating imagination show with exciting music and huge floor projections….”

Here’s the music for one of the shows at Motion Eindhoven: Hypnotic

The famous travel magazine ‘Lonely Planet” states it a great and innovating experience of art and music, that everyone should visit!

You’ll be part of the art performance at Motion Experience

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September 29, 2020

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