Glow 2019: Colour Symphony

The ‘dreamteam’ returned to Glow; the famous lightfestival in Eindhoven. Visited by 900.000 people and with “Colour Symphony” we were again the main attraction on this festival. Makes us proud!

For 3 years in a row a huge success on the biggest festival in Netherlands as we were again chosen as BEST OF GLOW by press and audience!

Why? Storytelling, music, emotion, wonder and communication. Because Music and Art = Communication

This is a story about colours, lights and wonderment. Jan Fabel – Concept, Dirk van Poppel – 3D, Erwin Steijlen – Music

Music of this show is also available on iTunes and Spotify.

A year earlier, in 2019, we produced the highly successful Tower of Light. Again 900.000 people and again audience favorite 😉

Philips pretended this building was their Head Office and some of the films made by visitors are viewed over 10 million times, shared over 600.000 times!!

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