Press show Product Launch in Tokio, Japan

We got an assignment by BMW Worldwide to write music for the M4 launch in Tokio. As you know we only work by DNA. So the keywords we found were:

DNA words BMW M4:

Epic, bold, modern, heavy, grungy, edgy, powerful… almost “dangerous”. Note: last 10 seconds live drive in from car.

First, we started recording this mix of orchestral and electronic track. Pretty epic and totally in the usual BMW style (listen to the whole orchestra being “side-chained”)

The above music was rejected! Aaaargh..
But you know what? The client was right!!

On grounds that it missed speed and a link to Japan!

Land of the Rising Sun…

So after some brainstorming we found some really typical japanese stuff.
But instead of using traditional Japanese instruments like taiko or Shakuhachi we went for something totally different;

Manga and Metal music, both big in Japan 😉

Proving the Music First method works the BMW filmcompany got inspired and the endresult is a highly energetic and raw metal track! This launch film full of animated fx in japanese style. The film and music were extremely successful in Japan and used many times by our happy customer BMW.

DNA based music is the only way..
Music based on DNA, Music First always works.. when done right!

This track and more rock available on Spotify:

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June 1, 2020